Stevi Jane is a wild soul. Her spirits are high and she enjoys sunbathing in the warmth of a full life. She loves traveling and fashion; art and dancing. She trusts her instincts and always pushes herself to grow and learn in every way. Surrounding her are her loved ones and the best, random collection of coffee mugs for all the coffees she drinks to keep on living life to the fullest.

You’re probably like Stevi Jane. And in all of your life’s endeavors, you like your surroundings to reflect how you feel and who you are. That’s where Stevi Jane comes in. Stevi Jane is an online resource for you to design your life. Here you’ll find resume templates, Lightroom presets, life tips, one-of-a-kind mugs, and so much more. Fill your world with things that inspire you to chase your dream. Surround yourself with wonderful things.